Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oregon Day 1: The Coast and Newport

Wednesday afternoon we left Cannon Beach and headed south along the coast.  We didn't really know where we were staying because we didn't know how far we would be able to drive by the end of the day.  Our only plans were to follow the coast and stop whenever something looked interesting.  There were many viewpoints along the way overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.  We took many, many pictures but I just chose a few to include in this post.  After a while it was just more and more pictures of the same rocky coast.  Its so hard not to take pictures while you are there because it is just so beautiful and SO different from our own Virginia and North Carolina coast.

Cape Foulweather...sighted and named by Captain James Cook in 1778 during his 3rd trip around the world...it was named after the bad weather he had while sailing in the area

Depoe Bay...world's smallest harbor :)  It was a really pretty bridge.

Lots of grey whales are often spotted off the northern coast of Oregon so of course we had to take Kellan's picture with this whale fountain in Depoe Bay

Our last destination for our first day!  We stopped in Newport, Oregon to eat dinner and find a hotel.

We stayed in the super nice Elizabeth Inn.  All of the rooms were ocean front and had fireplaces.

View from our room

Kellan loved the fireplace...thankfully it didn't get hot on the outside

We had dinner at Local Ocean Seafoods, a fish market and restaurant.  There was a long wait but it had great reviews so we decided to stay.

Kellan "enjoying" his baby food pouch...I'll have to do a post later about our experience with store bought baby food...for now I will just say Kellan and I both are so glad to be back to our homemade food

Lots of fresh seafood available to buy to take home and cook...

Michael and I both got the bacon wrapped tuna steak so I only took a picture of one of them...it was delicious!

And of course we had to try not one, but both of their specialty ice creams.  The chocolate was some kind of Rocky Road and the other was some kind of pistachio that I can't remember exactly.  They were both wonderful.

Next, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for bed...there were many verses sung of "There's A Naked Baby in My Bed"

This hotel was wonderful!  Warm cookies served at night!  Chocolate chip and Oatmeal raisin...and yes I ate a chocolate chip even after I had just had ice cream.

Bath time in the sink!

Mirror fun before bed!
Luckily Kellan slept much better this night, although he still woke up early.  I should also tell you that he was AMAZING in the car.  He took naps in his car seat in between stops and babbled and talked to us the rest of the way.  He handled this road trip way better than I ever imagined he would.  More tomorrow about the rest of our time in Newport and other places we visited on the coast during Day 2!


  1. Is there anything cuter than naked babies in the bed...except maybe naked babies in the sink? ;-)

  2. I get nervous taking the kids a few hours away. I can't imagine going across the country! I'm jealous of all that yummy seafood.

    1. It was actually so much easier than I ever imagined it would be! We have just always taken Kellan wherever we've gone and I think it has made him very easy going. However there were definitely times here and there that we had a fussy baby in the backseat and times when he wouldn't or couldn't sleep when we needed him to. We decided that it was something that we both really wanted to do and we traveled a lot before Kellan so its not a part of our lives that we want to stop not that we have him. There were definitely things that we didn't do, rearranged or cut short so that he could rest or eat. I was getting worried the closer that the trip came but I figured I would have to make the best of it and we would do what we could. It all turned out great (with a few moments of wanting to pull out our hair) and he had a really good time. He adjusted to the time change coming back much better than he did going out there!

  3. I'm loving your trip updates Kristen! I can't believe y'all didn't have any sort of schedule! Did you kind of have an idea of where you wanted to visit or did you just wing the whole thing? I would love to do that, but not sure that my controlling over-scheduling teacher self could do it :-D Your pictures are making me want to go back and visit the West Coast!!!

    1. Thank you! Michael had mostly mapped out our trip but we couldn't really book hotels because we didn't know how far we would be able to drive in a day with all of the stops he wanted to make. We also didn't know how Kellan would be so we didn't know how slow were going to have to go. He turned out to be a real trooper! He slept in between destinations and was always happy when we woke him up to see something new. He knew our basic plan but we did a whole lot of stopping whenever something looked interesting. I think we also went on hunts for a lot more lighthouses than he had originally planned! We covered a lot of ground and suprisingly were able to stick to his "itinerary" pretty close! It also helped that we were there during their off season so we didn't really worry about being able to find a room.