Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 3: One more Lighthouse and Hikes to Two Waterfalls

Friday morning before we left the coast, we stopped to see one more lighthouse.  At the Coquilla River Lighthouse we took Kellan's 11 month pictures and I posted those here.  On the way to the lighthouse we passed a cranberry bog.  I thought it was so neat because I have only seen them on TV in the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice commercials :)  Bandon, Oregon has lots of these bogs.

Coquilla River Lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Coquilla River emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Daddy and Kellan standing on the rocks overlooking the river

Mommy and Kellan

After Kellan's 11 month photo session we hit the road and headed toward Crater Lake National Park.  On the way we stopped to look at this covered bridge.  There were wild blackberries growing everywhere!

We stopped to eat lunch at Ami Sushi in Roseburg, Oregon.

We each got the lunch special.  It had a little bit of everything, a salad, California roll, gyoza, tempura vegetables, and scallops.
After lunch we kept driving until we reached a hiking trail to a waterfall that Michael had found before we left on our trip.  Kellan loved being in the backpack.

That's a big tree!

First on the trail you passed the top of the waterfall.  You can see the water pouring down and circling through this section of the rocks that have been carved out by the flowing water.

When you keep following the trail, it takes you around to overlook the whole waterfall.  You can see how the water drops out of the first section in the rocks to create the bigger part of the falls.

A group of Seattle bicyclists asked us if they could take our picture :) 
After we hiked back to the car, there was another trail just a couple of miles down the road to another waterfall.  Michael had found this one before we left too so we knew to be on the lookout for it.

This one you could hike all the way up to stand underneath where the water was falling.  We took turns going all the way up because we were off the trail so one of us stayed back with Kellan.  It was pretty steep and you had to get there by climbing on the rocks...there wasn't a path.  This was as close as I got because I was already getting wet just where I was standing.

Shortly after this hike we made it to Crater Lake National Park.  I'm going to do a separate post for that tomorrow.  It was amazing and kind of hard to take in, even while you are standing there looking at it...lots of pictures to come!


  1. Another great one! I love all the waterfalls and bridge pictures. So soothing and inspiring. An old friend of mine (who is way more advanced in the photography area than I) is in love with capturing bridges, waterfalls, etc. on camera and has traveled extensively to do so. I am always jealous of his photos. He would love that covered bridge you saw. If you like inspirational photography like me, you can visit his photo site. Here is the link to his "bridges" folder:!i=1548173234&k=Bd3M98s

    1. I should make more of an effort to take better pictures. Right now my method is to snap a few and move on to the next thing and I already have waaaaay too many. Sorting through these vacation pictures is a nightmare!