Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 4&5: Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood & Surrounding Area

After leaving Crater Lake we stopped at this local cafe for lunch.  It was pretty good but sadly we didn't take pictures.  I know you're terribly disappointed but it was just a couple of sandwiches...nothing exciting :)

Of course we had to take our picture with the wooden Big Foot outside the restaurant.
Our view of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake
We drove up the mountain to see the historic Timberline Lodge.  The lodge was built by the Works Progress Administration, employing out of work carpenters and artisans, during the Great Depression.  The amazing details found in the stone and woodwork throughout the lodge show the pride that the workers took in this project.  It was dedicated by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937.

There are lots of doorways with this stone and wooden arch design.
Kellan waving to everyone that walked by.

All of the wooden staircases have different animals carved into the posts.

This was a huge mosaic on one of the walls inside the lodge.

Looking down from the 2nd story to the lounge and fireplace.

This is the peak of Mt. Hood seen from Timberline Lodge.  The elevation of Mt. Hood is 11,245 feet.  Timberline Lodge is built at 6,000 feet.  Viewing Mt. Hood from here makes the top look so much closer!

Tired boy...

but we still had to have a bath before bed!
The next morning we explored the area surrounding Mt. Hood.  There were many, many farms but especially a lot of pear orchards.  Oregon produces 84% of the United States pear supply.

We passed this farm and fruit and vegetable stand and just had to stop.

Michael with his Honey Crisp apple :)

They had the most beautiful flowers!

I had my first pear was really good...tasted a lot like apple cider though.

This is what the goats looked like when we first walked over.

THEN Michael pulled out the goat food that he bought.  They went crazy trying to jump the rail!

Kellan handled the goats very well...I would have been scared if those  jumping things were trying to eat out of my hand!
We left the farm and headed through the Columbia River Gorge...more on that tomorrow!


  1. It totally amazes me that kids never seem to mind letting an animal with a big rough tongue eat out of their hand and lick them. Yuck! Haha! Evan has always loved it too. Again, great pictures of a beautiful place! Yes, the roadside veggie stand looks like Kristen's kind of heaven, although I think Kellan was like, "Veggies, I like veggies. Give me some!" I love how friendly he seems with strangers...Brody is the same way and just walks up to strangers now and will stand in front of them until they say something to him. Little stinker just likes attention! ;-)

    1. I can't remember exactly where it was but at some point on this vacation, Kellan was smiling REALLY big at everyone that walked by and yelling "YAY!" (or something equivalent)...well I can't tell you how many people walked by and either just looked at him and smiled or just kept going altogether. Finally a woman stopped to talk to him and Michael said thank you so much for acknowledging him because no one else has! Of course I don't know how Brody is but Kellan waves and smiles and yells until someone ACTUALLY looks at him and talks back...then he gets shy :)

    2. Yep, that sounds about right. We were at soccer practice this weekend, and Brody loves running around out there. He walked up to a woman who was sitting in a chair not talking or doing anything but seemed pretty determined not to look at him. He stood there smiling until she finally did. They're pretty determined to get the attention they are seeking. Ha! I don't know how anyone can resist either of these cute boys. I know I sure couldn't! :-)