Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 8 Portland: Heathman Hotel & Farmers Market

Michael had booked our stay at the Heathman Hotel before we left on on trip so this was the only hotel that was planned.  We had no idea that this hotel is famous for 2 things:  it starts out as the setting of one of the Fifty Shades of Grey books (neither of us have read them so we had no idea until a couple that we met in a restaurant on our last day told us) and second it is considered one of the nation's most haunted hotels (I accidentally found this out as I was googling The Heathman Hotel on our last night in our room).  We already knew that it is a National Historic Landmark and has earned numerous awards.
One of the door men is always dressed in this red costume...I'm sure there is some reason but we never asked.
Everything was really nice.  Turn down service at night where they leave a bottle of water, a sleep mask, and ear plugs on your nightstand (maybe the ear plugs were for the guests on the same hall as Kellan)

The Heathman has made tons of "Best" lists and is frequently visited by lots of celebrities and notable business people (of course we saw NONE)

So our last night in Portland I was googling the Heathman trying to find out the significance of a statue of a bull dog named Zelda that sits at the front entrance.  What I found instead were numerous articles and websites on the haunted-ness of our hotel.  The more I read, the more freaked out I got (and of course Michael was asleep)...out of the 150 rooms in the hotel 2 seem to experience the most "encounters."  Rooms 703 and 803 are the rooms that have frequent "unexplained events" and ghost sightings.  And of course...what room do we happen to be staying in?  703.  Our cab driver told us on the way to the airport that our hotel room is booked every Halloween.  Really?!  Isn't that something that you should let people know about ahead of time?  Thank goodness I didn't know until our last night.  We didn't see anything out of the ordinary...I'm pretty sure if there was anything there, Kellan probably scared them away with his loud squalls.

Hotel Lobby

There was a Farmers Market just a block away from our hotel so we stopped in on our way to breakfast.  Oh how I wish we had a way to get all of that produce home with us!  I'm obsessed with a good Farmer's Market :)

Beautiful flowers...wish we could have taken them home too...

There was organic produce everywhere I turned...such a huge variety too!

Then I spotted the cookie lady...all of these plastic tubs were each full of a different kind of gigantic cookie.  I, of course, had to buy one.  I got a Cowgirl cookie, oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate and macadamia nuts...delicious!
Who could not share with this little face?

Thanks mom! :)

We had breakfast at Mother's.  This place was phenomenal.  Really.  I had no idea breakfast could be this good.

Willamette River Front

Lots and lots of food trucks...any kind of food you can imagine.  Ethiopian, Mexican, Chinese, Burgers...really anything...

Eating from a food truck was probably the one thing that I didn't do that was on my "to-do" list.  We had plenty of opportunities, there were just so many good restaurants that we wanted to try.  Not to mention that I'm not very good at eating "on the go."  I'd prefer to actually sit down and eat so I can't report on the food truck food but they were always busy every time we walked by.

Alright...I will stop here for now!  I'm ALMOST out of Oregon adventures.  Monday I will post more about our sights in Portland.

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