Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 10 Portland: Last Day :(

I'm back!  After an unintentional few weeks of no blogging...I'm finally back.  We have been really busy around here and I will have a future post or two to show what we have been up to.  Before I get to that, this is my last post on our Oregon trip! 
Our first stop on our last day was at the Byways Cafe for breakfast.  This was a restaurant featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  Here is the clip from the show.


This was THE BEST breakfast scramble.  It was SO DELICIOUS.

Michael had to get the corned beef hash that was featured on the show.

And we shared a blue corn pancake that was also featured on the show.  It was really good too.

Kellan was really loving this orange wedge and then suddenly got very mad at it.  We're not sure what happened.

The Byways Cafe is located in the Pearl was one of the nicest neighborhoods.

Next we explored the Oregon Historical Society in the Cultural District along with other science, art, and history museums.

Old church in the Cultural District

We had lunch at Blueplate, another restaurant featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

This is a clip from when Blueplate was featured on the show.

When we were there the daily special was meatloaf.  I got the sandwich...

and Michael got the meal.

They are also an old fashioned soda shop so we of course had to try one of their many flavors, the Hawaiian sunset, with pineapple, coconut, and strawberry.  It was phenomenal.  Seriously, I could have downed 10 of these...and still wanted more!

We also tried the Tooted was OK but no where near as awesome as the first one we tried.

This was our bill :)  No sales tax is just so nice...
Next I insisted that we find Moonstruck Chocolates, a famous chocolatier in Portland.  Apparently Oprah LOVES them :)

Kellan peeking into the chocolate case.
Political chocolates :)  Michael had to get an elephant.
This is how many of each type of chocolate had been sold.  I was pretty impressed with how close they were considering Portland is an extremely liberal city.  Michael was disgusted.
Our Moonstruck purchases...they were all delicious...especially my peanut butter filled ghost :)
I don't think I mentioned that tragedy struck after all of the moving from hotel to hotel and all of the packing and unpacking.  My big red suitcase had just had it and the zipper finally gave in and broke.  Not to mention it was stuffed with all of the things that we bought along the way.  This was my new big pink suitcase that we bought...then I had to wheel the huge empty thing all around downtown until we went back to the hotel.

We had our last dinner at Jake's.  This is a Portland landmark and has been serving seafood for over 110 years.  It is now owned by the McCormick and Schmicks restaurant chain.  Jake's Famous Crawfish was the first restaurant in their chain.   We always take Kellan out to dinner with us but this time we had our big bulky stroller in the middle of this really nice restaurant.  I cannot go on enough about how nice and helpful the staff were and how accommodating they were to parents with a young child.  Michael told the manager that we would wait outside until our table was ready, to keep from taking up so much room in the waiting area.  The manager insisted that we stay inside and told us that he would keep our stroller for us once we were able to sit down.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful.
Michael and I both got the crab stuffed was sooo good
A waiter (not even our waiter) came over from another table and gave Kellan his own stuffed Jake's Crawfish.  He also showed us a picture of his son that is a little younger than Kellan.  I cannot tell you how many people stopped by our table to talk to Kellan...he was definitely the center of attention. 
We of course had to get dessert...I'm pretty sure this was the biggest dessert on the menu.  It was a chocolate bag, filled with white chocolate, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.
On our way back to the hotel, Kellan was serenaded by a street performer.  He got his own personal show.
He wasn't sure what to think so he just least he didn't cry...
 That FINALLY wraps up our trip!  We definitely saw a lot and covered a lot of ground in our time on the West coast.  Oregon is an awesome state and I highly recommend it for vacations.  Kellan was such a great little traveler and we can't wait to take him on our next adventure...whatever it may be!
He did an amazing job on both of our flights coming home.  He slept in his car seat, looked at books, and basically entertained himself.  We got really lucky with flying Southwest because if the flight is not full, babies get their own seat for free.  Kellan was able to have his own seat with his car seat in every single one of our flights!  Both flights out there and both flights on our return trip no extra charge.  Not to mention all of the bags that we had also flew free...we LOVE Southwest!

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