Monday, January 28, 2013


We were lucky enough to get a couple of inches of snow last week and it was Kellan's first opportunity to actually go outside and experience it.  

Mommy even made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips for the occasion :)

"If this is what it takes to play in the snow I don't wanna go!"  Kellan was not happy about the snow boots, snow suit, and coat that he had to wear. 
Kellan was not impressed with the snow on our first attempt to play.  He couldn't walk in his boots and I think his coat was too bulky for him to move around easily.
Even daddy couldn't help change this attitude!
We came back inside because he just was not enjoying himself at all.  He already had a runny nose so I knew we shouldn't stay out in the cold long, but I was determined that he was going to love the snow so we tried again.  

We took his coat off to see if that would help him move around a little better...and out we went again.
This time was much better!  He still didn't do a lot of walking in it but he did enjoy sitting in the snow and looking around.

Mommy covering him up :)

Cold!  Look at that face :) where did this stuff come from?

He finally played in it a little bit before we had to come back inside to get warmed up.

After we took off our snow clothes Kellan enjoyed a "tootie" and got it all over himself, the furniture, and the floor!  It was a short-but otherwise enjoyable first snow day for Kellan :)

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  1. Awww, I love the pictures! Kellan's little red winter-chapped cheeks remind me of Brody's lately. I lotion them up good every night, but he still has a little case of sensitive skin/eczema so the cold weather doesn't help it. I am really really hoping for a little snow this year. I was okay with none last year since Brody was still so young, but Evan was this age when he got his first snow experience so I wanted the same for Brody. I guess there's still time. *Sigh*