Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pre-Christmas with the Rodgesters!

Since we were going to be in NC with my family for Christmas, we got together with Michael's mom's side of the family the Saturday before at his Aunt Karen's house.  After we ate too much good food, cousin Dylan was ready to open presents.  Well Michael and I ate too much good food...Kellan however refused to eat anything which is totally unlike him.  He also had a runny nose.  This was the day that he decided to be a picky eater.  He wouldn't eat anything...not even bread!  Luckily it only lasted a week and he got back to eating again.  Looking back on it now, we are pretty sure he was teething and he has a molar or two to show for it.  

Dylan reminded me so much of me and all of my cousins when we were small.  It seemed like it took YEARS before the adults were finally ready to open presents.  The only difference is that there is one Dylan (+Kellan now) and there were 11 of us on one side of the family and 9 on the other side.  We always had a huge group sitting around the tree just waiting to get the go ahead to start passing out gifts!  

I did not do a good job of taking pictures of the rest of the family but here is Kellan opening his presents!

He was (and still is) in love with his sock monkey that plays peek-a-boo from Great Grandma Rodgester.

It makes him laugh every time :)  This has become one of his must-have toys on long car rides...it keeps him entertained for a long time.
He's gotten much better at opening presents since his birthday!

He also loves his big stuffed horse from Aunt Kim, Dylan and Uncle Calvin.  It is the perfect size for him to sit...

and it didn't take him long to learn that if you squeeze his ears he makes galloping sounds and neighs :)  

Daddy being silly...

He hopped right on his new 4 wheeler from Aunt Karen and Uncle Hardee.  It makes revving sounds and all other kinds of noises when you push the buttons.  He has passed lots of time sitting on this, pushing buttons, and listening to the sounds.

Kellan had such a great time and I know each year is going to get more fun (and more challenging) as he understands more about Christmas...and next year he will get to share it with a new baby!

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  1. Awww, glad you are finally catching up to blog about Christmas! I know it was a rough month with not feeling the greatest and being so busy. Kellan is just looking so much like a big boy now. He'll love that 4wheeler. We have one that was Evan's that Brody loves to ride. They can drive them earlier and easier than bikes and tricycles since they just have to push buttons. You'll definitely love Christmas next year with two. It just keeps getting better! :-)