Sunday, January 20, 2013

Missed Photos and Videos!

Here are a few photos and videos that I missed along the way during my "blogging break"...

One day Kellan's pack and play was still folded up from a trip out of town and I needed to take a shower.  So I just stuck him in our tub with a few toys (I was lazy, I know).  Of course he didn't even notice the faucets until I wanted to take his picture.  I kept peeking out of the shower to check on him and he just played and entertained himself in the bottom of the tub :)  Daddy came home in the middle of my shower and acted like I was endangering his life :/
Kellan and Daddy at the Farmer's Day Parade in Ellerbe, NC...Kellan loved most of the parade but he did not care for anything that made loud noises

Kellan had a blast at his girlfriend Austyn's first birthday you can see above...oh the joy just tossing around a balloon will bring :)

There was a bouncy house set up but Kellan wasn't brave enough to try it out for himself...even with Daddy standing right there...

he just gave us a big grin and kept trying to climb out!  I'm sure this attitude toward bouncy houses will change very soon!

Kellan watching the birthday girl nibble on a card in between opening presents :)  He has managed to snitch some one's teddy bear AND car!
Dressing up in the photo booth at the party...Kellan was none too happy about any of the props but daddy sure enjoyed himself :)

Kellan has a new favorite snack and a very specific way of eating it.  He sits in the kitchen floor, shakes a few raisins out onto the floor, and eats them one by one til they are all gone...then he shakes a few more out and the process starts again.  This keeps him busy for awhile!  Very useful while mommy is making dinner :)

Kimberlee and Jenni gave Kellan this xylophone for his birthday and he LOVES it!  He will sit, press buttons, tap a little bit, and dance over and over again.  It is one of his favorite toys!

This was a conversation that I had with Kellan right after he woke up one morning.  I laugh every time I watch it :)

Kellan loves to drum, tap, or hammer on anything available.  Here he has turned a pair of chopsticks into drumsticks at P.F. Changs!


  1. great post! please frame the one from the photo booth - it's precious! he is quite the dancing machine with that xylophone!! so glad he loves it :) Aunties know best!

  2. I think the bathtub is an awesome place for babies to play. I used to stick Brody in there when he couldn't climb out while I was getting ready. Now, he climbs in and out by himself so I can't keep him out. Luckily, the water knob is very difficult to turn on. And I loved hearing his little voice too. It is so amazing when they start being able to carry on conversations with you. I know you'll especially love that since I know it is hard being at home all day with no one to talk too. His talking early is a sign of how much you talk to him. Evan was such an early talker so by the time he was Brody's age, we could just chat all day. I feel bad that Brody hasn't really started this because I think it is a sign that he doesn't have the benefit of hearing me talk to him as much during the day. I don't know how much his caretakers talk to him, but I don't think they do as much I did with Evan when we were home together all the time. Anyway, the pictures and videos were a great catch up on how much he is growing and changing.