Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekend at Mimi and Papa's House

Kellan and I spent the weekend with my parents a couple of weeks ago.  My sister and brother-in-law had gone on a cruise so my nephew and niece were staying at Mimi and Papa's house.  We hadn't seen anyone from my family since Christmas so we decided to go visit while Owen and Eden were there too.  The cousins had so much fun but my mom and I were worn out.  Owen is 3, Kellan is 16 months, and Eden is 14 months.  Those three together means someone always needs to be changed, pulled out of the toilet, fed, entertained, read to, put down for a nap, bathed, or just snuggled.  They definitely kept us busy even though we just hung around the house.  Getting those three packed up and loaded into the car seemed more trouble than it was worth so we just let them play and watch movies.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

The iPad and the iPhone were very popular this weekend.  Kellan loves to watch Elmo videos and click from app to app.  It is amazing to me what he already knows how to do...he's an expert "swiper" already.

Watching the Cars "moodie" with Owen.  Kellan was fighting a nap but he refused to give up.

Snuggling with Scout didn't even make him give in to sleep.  Yes he is wearing Santa pj's in March.  If it fits, we wear it...just not in public :)

I was giving Kellan a bath and Eden was all but jumping in with her clothes on.  I'm not kidding, this girl was hanging over the side.  She played in the back while I gave Kellan a bath and then Mimi took over.

"Excuse me.  He's splashing me."

"Oh hey long have you been back there?"

Playing "Go Fish!" with Mimi.  Eden was good at catching fish...

Kellan insisted on "fishing" his way.

"You guys are making this way too hard.  Just pick them up with your hands!"

Eden sneaking a hug sitting in Papa's old rocking chair.

Kellan rocking and watching T.V.

Eden started off being completely willing to share her she is handing Kellan a fish.

Until someone got a little greedy...

and just started to help himself.  Poor Eden.  Look at that face.  "Can't someone stop this kid.  He's eating all of my fish!"

Mimi gave Kellan a bath the next night and he got the full salon treatment.  He got all lotioned up and his hair dried and styled.  He's thoroughly enjoying himself :)

And one picture with Papa before bedtime.  I wish I had time to use my camera to get a better picture but with these three you just have to grab whatever is available.  No one stays in one place long so I just used my phone while the opportunity was there.
We had so much fun and can't wait to see everybody Easter weekend in Charleston, SC...and especially Aunt Jessie and Uncle Shannon since we missed them this time!

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