Friday, December 20, 2013

The Legendary Santa

On our second attempt to see the Legendary Santa we arrived at the Children's Museum of Richmond a little earlier than our first visit and went on a Wednesday.  This turned out to be a great choice because there were only a few families in front of us. 

I could already tell where this Santa visit was headed when Kellan kept telling us "Santa is not anywhere.  I can't find him.  He is feeding his reindeer."  He repeated this over and over again as we waited our turn.

When you arrive to see the Legendary Santa, first you tell an elf which photo package that you would like to purchase, then you talk to the Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen talks to the kids and finds out their names. I guess that she is wearing a microphone or something because Santa is able to hear and calls the kids over to him by their names.  Kellan was not interested in talking to the Snow Queen or the fact that Santa knew his name.  He was hanging on to our legs and trying to keep as far from Santa as he could get.  I put Alden on Santa's lap to see if that would make him want to come closer.  Nope.  He couldn't have cared less.  He didn't even want to stand beside Santa.  Finally Michael had to plop him on Santa's knee (he slid off the first time) and run so that we would be out of the picture.  Poor Santa couldn't even ask what they wanted for Christmas because he had to struggle to hold on to two wiggly boys.  

Here is the precious moment that we caught on film :)  Oh it makes me giggle every time I look at it.  I hope I'm not traumatizing my poor children.  Alden looks like he's not too sure what's going on either but he's holding it together.  Kellan however just lost it and couldn't get off of that man's lap fast enough.

So that the entire experience wasn't traumatizing, Kellan rode in Santa's sleigh on a ride outside of the museum.  This made him happy :)

I wonder what he would have done if Santa had come outside and sat down beside him?  He WAS sitting in his seat.

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