Monday, April 8, 2013

A Beautiful Spring Day!

Briggs is here today and both her and Kellan love to be outside.  It seems like a lot of days that she is here are rainy or too windy and cold to play outside.  Today just happens to be perfect and we spent a lot of our morning in the backyard swinging, golfing, and riding in the wagon.  Here are some pictures from our morning.

While Briggs was swinging, this little boy was having a blast in the backyard fountain.

He was getting himself soaked...

but if you could have heard the happy shrieks and giggles you would have a hard time making him stop too.

I think we are going to need a sprinkler for this summer :)
Kellan usually loves to swing but not today.  He didn't like that Briggs was out in the yard playing without him.
Briggs playing a round of golf.

He is definitely Michael's child.  Pretty sure this is not safe.

And he's at it again...why is standing so much more fun than sitting?

I can usually get him to say "cheese!"  :)

I definitely got my workout for today.  We went all around the front and backyards and a couple of the streets around our house.  They had so much fun!  There was all kinds of laughing, humming, and dancing going on whenever I turned around.  They were both fascinated by every car and truck that we passed.

Flashback to last summer.  I cannot believe how much Kellan and Briggs have grown and changed.  It actually makes me sad to think that they are not babies anymore :(  Here is the link to the post that I did on these two back in September.

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